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Join Us to FIND The MISSING LINK To FREE yourself From the Menopause Symptoms!

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Thursday 23rd February 2017

@ 20:00 GMT

Only 100 Spots

Very limited webinar...

Kostas Kapelas

Total Health Now ®

Joan Fanus

Menopause Mastery ™

This Training is For You If...

* You find yourself feeling more than a little bit off balance and you’re not sure why.

* You feel tired but wired 

* You are feeling a little crazy

* You have hot flushes, slower metabolism, mood swings, increased feelings of stress, less resilience

* You have lost interest in sex, have difficulty sleeping and have other menopausal symptoms

...And you want to be free from these symptoms.

Welcome to Perimenopause! 

Turns out that these are some common indicators of the perfect storm of

hormonal disruption called perimenopause.

"I know how frustrating this place is because I’ve been there. In my 30s, I just couldn’t seem to stay afloat, no matter how hard I tried.

My energy was at an all-time low, my libido had diminished and I was impatient"  Joan Fanus

What You Will Learn On This FREE Webinar:
The biggest reasons why hormonal women have sleep problems and how you can get better sleep
and have more energy

The reason for lack of energy and hormonal imbalances and how to balance your hormones to get rid of
sugar cravings, mood swings
and irritability

Why you gain weight around your tummy and waist and why the type of exercise you do might not be right for your body during perimenopuase and menopause. Working out hard might not be the answer for you!

The real truth about how you can turn on your weight loss hormones, banish your "bad" hormones,
and crank up your "good" hormones

The secret about how you can be calm and relaxed

Why we get hot flushes and skin problems and simple strategies for having clear skin

 You’ll discover how to heal yourself naturally by applying time tested health strategies.

By the end of this FREE webinar you'll have discovered:

The 5 steps to achieving Menopause Mastery and Optimal General Health

How to manage your menopause symptoms and health holistically - without the use of chemicals

How to achieve tangible results holistically rather than just suppressing the menopausal symptoms, only to come back stronger

How having low emotional resilience can be detrimental to your menopausal health and what you can do about it.

How your ‘Spiritual’ view and approach to life is key to achieving Menopause mastery and optimal health

How other common stressors such as the places where we live and work are key to achieving menopause mastery.

Can't wait until the webinar to find out more?


''Real People, Real Results...........''

The Results Will Amaze You!!!


"I was desperate to lose weight. I had been stressed for

a while and my body had taken the brunt of that. My shape was out of control, my waistline had expanded along with the rest of my body and I hated it!

Within a week of working with Kostas' holistic health approach everything started to change. In the first week, I could get into my old jeans that had been thrown in the cupboard for 2 years. By the fourth week I have lost 17lbs, looked and felt amazing and friends, family and acquaintances were commenting and the old Wendy had returned… I got my groove back.

The programme has completely changed completely my perspective about health – I will never look back. Highly recommended…"   Wendy dos Santos – Interior Designer

"The first stage of my health journey was to learn how

to breath properly which immediately helped me sleep – and for the first time since childhood wake up without feeling groggy and even more exhausted.

For many years I had taken Armour Thyroid and Liothyronine for hypo thyroid and cortisol for low adrenals – it took a year of applying the health advice i have received from Kostas  to realise I was ready to gradually come off these medications.

After discussing this with two medical doctors including my endriconologist I gradually stopped all thyroid and steroid medicine. At the same time I went to see Kostas and the results have been literally life changing.

I have more energy than ever- and I feel my thyroid gland coming back to life! my eczema has disappeared and I have energy to be a more productive dynamic human being. Thank you !!!!"

Lucy Phillips, Artist

"Kostas' holistic health approach is a rare gem in the

world of 21st century health. Carefully selected holistic treatments and technologies combine to create a uniquely effective, cutting edge strategy for true well being. This work offers a solid base for life fulfillment. I recommend it wholeheartedly".

Rosemary Innes, Founding Director 

 Phi harmonics Ltd

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